ZAC Group sp. z o.o. invests business capital in order to achieve high returns in the long term. Stock market trading, development of an app in event management, and coaching structures for entrepreneurs play an important role in this. Due to our way of working, a great number of financiers have shown their interest in the company. Therefore, we have created various investment projects, opening the doors to investors from all over the world. All our work is not only about high returns for investors and board members.
We donate every month to social organizations and institutions at home and abroad. This lasting symbiosis between making money and donating money,
we call “MoneySeeds”. Every successful business venture has a positive impact on our fellow human beings and on the environment. We offer one of the fairest financial products in the world.

Welcome to “ZAC Group sp. z o.o.”, “Liquid Confirmation sp. z o.o.” and “Elliott Savings sp. z o.o. !

Amount donated in euro

Trees planted

“If the farmer is not in the field, he sits at home and counts his money.”

What we believe in:

We believe that the entrepreneurial balancing act between customers, the company itself, and the environment must be mastered. A company can only grow with satisfied customers and can only exist in a healthy environment. That is why we support social projects at home and abroad as well as create our own, which benefits nature.

Social projects:

For example, ZAC Group sp. z o.o sponsored a social project in Ukraine in September 2021. The charity foundation Puls Akkermana collects donations to offer sports activities on-site in Akkerman. Playgrounds, fitness, and martial arts facilities are being built. This actively gets children and young people off the streets and into clubs, where they find a purpose in sports. They are integrated into a new community and can develop there with a chance for a better future.


Our MoneySeeds ( MOSE ) are simple and ingenious at the same time. They create a bridge between entrepreneurship and nature. Let’s make money together and do something good for our environment.

Earning money in harmony with our environment and our fellow human beings


Investors receive monthly returns of up to 5% or annual returns of up to 200% from their investments. The returns depend on the project and the contract period.


The investor pool is limited to a monetary amount of 10,000,000€. Once this limit is
reached, then no further backer can invest in the various projects.

Automated donations

The sold MOSE generate an additional return of 0.5% per month. These are passed on 100% to donation organizations and companies that plant trees all over the world.

Investing and living in harmony with nature has never been so sexy and you can easily be a part of it with our Moneyseeds!

Our History 

ZAC Group was founded in Szczecin in February 2020 and is already serving clients from ten countries in 2021. The company focuses on entrepreneurial coaching and meaningful financial services.

Our working methods are professional, transparent and secure. Our customer’s data is important to us, which is why we invest large sums in protection and its expansion every year.

All customer data is stored on an external server, which is offline 99% of the time, with backups occurring 1% of the time. Backups are completed within a few minutes.

Feel free to contact us at any time.

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ZAC Group

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